2020. 9. 13. 23:13라이프/잡문집

she is an American English teacher

her hair loss has been severe since childhood according to her mouth

she wears a bandana on her head


i went to a bar a little far from Konkuk University Station with her

darn, it's self service-bar here

i hate self-service though


she said with an awkward smile

she's teaching young children in Gangnam

she wants to learn Korean

she met a Korean man on Tinder

as soon as two met, he took her to the motel

and she said she doesn't want to have sex with him


so... what?

i didn't even ask, why did she say that to me?


further I didn't believe her words

cause she's not that attractive


the story of the trip came to my mind out of the blue

i said I like Bangkok

she asked me why you like BKK?

in fact, there is something good that cannot be expressed in words

however it's annoying to get it out of my mouth

so I told her Bangkok people are very polite

many Koreans are pretentious


she giggled

and turned into expressionless

she told me like

americans were more serious in that respect!

you know Americans might think they are superman or superwoman

i couldn't stand the bursting laughter


does manners maketh man?

honestly, I'm not sure


but this is for sure

manners maketh man feel good


Sept 13th 2020



manners maketh man feel good