Triple your AdSense revenue in one month

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I am releasing my November AdSense earnings for blogs. It's not a lot, but I think it's not a bad return if you make $10 a day. It's the revenue from your side job. Let's look at the profit screen first

AdSense revenue for November is $256.47.

AdSense Revenue of Nov 2019

Let's look at the daily data of how many articles I wrote. I wrote a total of 64 articles, so I wrote an average of two articles a day, and the subject was about 80% of the articles on society. On weekends, there were several times when I wrote more than four.

I haven't blogd for nearly six months before starting full-fledged blogging in September, and in November, I decided to earn money. Two months ago, in October, my AdSense revenue was only around $ 50. But in November, compared to October, I was able to make 337% or three times more profit. Here are some of the know-hows that have more than tripled my AdSense revenue.

Blog Posting History of Nov 2019


First, two blog posts feed the remaining eight.
Two of the 64 articles I wrote last month account for over 90% of AdSense revenue. In economics / business, it's also called Pareto's law. Also known as the law of two to eight. Taking department store sales as an example, 20% of customers account for 80% of all department store sales. In the company, 2 smart people feed the remaining 8 people. Former Samsung Group Chairman Lee Kun-hee said that one genius feeds 100,000 people. Likewise, one top exposed post feeds the remaining 1,000 blog posts!

Second, don't stick to one topic. The issue is money.
Using bestsellers as an example, no matter how good the contents of the book are, they will be buried if they are not fashionable at that time. When you go to a bookstore, books that reflect the trend of the times are top sellers. When writing a blog, pay attention to news articles and think that you are a journalist. The effect is awesome!

Third, the cost of advertising for AdSense for blogs has dropped a lot.
Despite over 500,000 visits per month and an average of 16,800 daily visits, your ad revenue is only $ 256. Maybe the best revenue channel is YouTube. AdSense for YouTube is likely to generate more revenue than AdSense for blogs.

Fourth, nonetheless, AdSense is a cost-effective investment.
AdSense has the property of assets that continue to generate revenue even when I'm not working. Like real estate, once I buy it, the real estate will continue to make money for myself. And because your own content continues to accumulate, you can't ignore the reflection. My earnings continue to accrue even if I suddenly leave for days. I haven't blogd for nearly six months while I was at work, and I kept getting between $ 50 and $ 100 per month.

One or two posts feed the entire blog beyond eight blog posts. Two, don't stick to one topic. The issue is strong. Third, the cost per click for AdSense for blogs has dropped a lot. Nevertheless, AdSense for blogs is well worth investing because it has properties as assets, like real estate.

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